Professor Maggie O’Carroll

Maggie O Carroll, Founder and CEO of The Women’s Organisation an awarding winning social enterprise, working nationally, and internationally providing research, policy, training, advice, and incubation services. The portfolio of services facilitate small business creation and growth, social enterprise development and the economic and social advancement of women. She is a visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Hunter Centre, Strathclyde University, Co-Chair of Women’s Enterprise Policy Group, and a visiting scholar at the Haydn Green Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Nottingham University.  Maggie is actively involved in shaping women’s economic development and SME policy on a local, national, and international basis. She is a member of the Federation of Small Business Policy Panel and is Third Sector Lead on the National Committees on SME Enterprise Competitiveness and Sustainable Urban Development. Maggie’s work has been recognised across the UK, with business accolades including ‘Entrepreneurs Champion of the Year’ and ‘Social Leader of the Year’.