Small Business Research Centre conference, 13-14 February 2020, Kingston University, London


Small Business Research Centre conference: 
Entrepreneurship Policy in Context – Critical Perspectives

Thursday 13 February – Friday 14 February 2020

Kingston Business School
Kingston University London

Whilst entrepreneurship is the result of proactivity by individuals and groups of individuals, even in mature market economies, the state plays a key role in shaping the environment in which private business takes place. This international conference will adopt a broad definition of what constitutes relevant policies, including government actions that can affect entrepreneurship although are not necessarily targeted at them.

The conference will be of interest to academic scholars and policy experts worldwide in the field of entrepreneurship and public policy. It will be interactive and designed to provide space for policy makers and academics to share ideas and critiques of policy.

Delegates are encouraged to present papers on any aspect of public policy related to entrepreneurship, but we particularly welcome those related to the following topics:

  • The role of the state in relation to entrepreneurship in emerging market economies
  • Better regulation in a cross cultural context
  • Distinguishing features of inclusive entrepreneurship that affects policy priorities
  • Is the current array of policy measures focusing on support for internationalising firms meeting the needs of Europe’s SMEs?
  • Is evidence based policy a realistic objective?

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