Entrepreneurial Learning, Practice and Policy (ELPP)

elpp-logoISBE Special Interest Group: Entrepreneurial Learning Practice and Policy (ELPP)

SIG Chairs: Dr Isla Kapasi & Dr Ainurul Rosli

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The Entrepreneurial Learning Practice and Policy (ELPP) Special Interest Group (SIG) was established to promote the creation of knowledge and development of entrepreneurial learning.

The formal aims are to:
• Promote the creation of scholarly research.
• Engage with businesses so that they are actively involved in the SIG.
• Facilitate knowledge exchange between researchers, educators, policymakers, businesses and business support professionals.
• Inform the development of entrepreneurship policy.
• Support the career development of its members.

To date, ELPP has held four workshops in Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast and Edinburgh.

Further information about our workshops, including videos and presentations, is available here.