Practice & Impact (P&I)

ISBE Special Interest Group: Practice & Impact (P&I)


SIG Chair: ">Dr Ainurul Rosli

Deputy: Dr Asieh Tabaghdehi

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The Practice and Impact (P&I) Special Interest Group (SIG) was established to operate as a SIG that spans the breadth of the ISBE community. Our aims are:

a. To increase dialogue and awareness of what relevance and impact mean to differing communities and to inform scholarship and action (research, teaching and co-creation)

b. To create and provide platforms that showcase examples in the arena of practice, relevance and impact, and build environments that enable co-creating communities of academics, practitioners and policymakers

c. To explore the measurement of scholarly impact

Previously, this SIG was known as the Entrepreneurial Learning, Practitioner and Policy SIG (ELPP). Further information about their valuable work, including videos and presentations, is available here.