Research in Enterprise Education (REntEd)

Research in Enterprise Education (REntEd), in partnership with ISBE & EEUK

COI Chairs: Dr Emily Beaumont & Dr Kelly Smith

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Launched with Enterprise Educators UK, the Research in Enterprise Education COI is intended to explicitly link together the research and practice arms of the EntEd discipline.

The COI has the following aims:

  • to encourage and support educational practitioners to produce research output;
  • to facilitate the development of potential research projects and partnerships between researchers and practitioners;
  • to host activities where researchers and practitioners exchange expert knowledge;
  • to act as an expert group to inform policy responses and calls for evidence.

The ISBE Enterprise Education track is one of the most consistently vibrant at the ISBE conference, measured by submissions and attendance at track presentation sessions. EEUK also hold an annual conference (IEEC) with 300-400 attendees each year and host a series of enterprise and entrepreneurship education events and workshops throughout the year. EEUK events currently have a practical focus whereas the ISBE conference track is primarily research focused with practice/policy linkages.

ISBE and EEUK are seen as key players in the dissemination and development of EntEd research and practice. The COI will utilise and build on the two organisations’ authority in this space.

REGISTER NOW – the COI’s inaugural event on Wednesday, April 17th at Coventry University. This first workshop will explore the process of submission to conferences and journals. The event will signpost good practice in submission and publication, provide activities to encourage networking, and develop ideas for potential researcher/practitioner research collaborations. For details, please visit here.