Special issue call for papers: The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Finance – 10 years after the Global Financial Crisis


The International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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Special issue call for papers: The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Finance – 10 years after the Global Financial Crisis.

Guest Editors:
Ciarán Mac an Bhaird
Dublin City University, Ireland.

Robyn Owen
Middlesex University, UK.

Mark Freel
University of Ottawa, Canada.

Introducing the Special Issue

In the period following the global financial crisis, as banks and private equity participants withdrew from early stage entrepreneurial finance markets in the UK and developed economies (Wilson and Silver, 2013), there was a profusion in the supply of alternative sources of early stage entrepreneurial finance (World Bank, 2013). The amount of finance used from these sources has grown significantly in a very short time period, and is estimated to surpass investment from traditional sources of funding in the near future (Barnett, 2015). These developments have significant implications in relation to the supply of, and demand for entrepreneurial finance, including well-established issues which primarily stem from information asymmetries, such as signalling, agency, moral hazard, and adverse selection. The emergence of a plethora of new sources of alternative finance also raises additional concerns in relation to regulation, investor protection, ownership and governance, among other issues (Bruton et al., 2014). An increasing number of studies examine alternative entrepreneurial finance, although the approaches and methodologies employed to date are not as innovative as the phenomenon they investigate.

We seek submissions focusing on innovations in entrepreneurial finance that provide novel insights or adopt an innovative approach. In particular, we welcome submissions that would not normally be considered by mainstream entrepreneurial finance journals. We encourage scholars to adopt innovative methods to match those evident in recent developments in entrepreneurial finance, including an original methodological approach, a novel analytical technique, or a radically different theoretical angle.

 Research questions may include, but are not limited to:
  •   Does the emergence of alternative sources of finance represent a radical change in provision of entrepreneurial finance, or will ‘traditional’ sources adapt and continue to dominate supply?.
  •   Do alternative source of finance have implications for organisational form, and how do these differ across different legal, cultural and institutional contexts?.
  •   To what extent have alternative sources of finance eliminated geographical concentrations of finance, or are spatial investment patterns unchanged?
  •   Is the use of alternative finance bounded by financing requirement, organisation type, sector, intention or alternative characteristic?
  •   Are the cognitive processes of individuals different when they seek alternative finance from when they approach traditional suppliers of finance?
  •   Have the emergence of alternative sources of finance introduced new strategic directions into the capital structure decision?
  •   What is the effect of cultural context on the provision and use of alternative sources of finance, or are there commonalities across cultures and countries?
  •   Have alternative sources of finance increased concerns of trust, and how can they be ameliorated?
  •   Are alternative sources of finance efficiently priced, or do they provide opportunities for rent seeking byinvestors and platforms?
  •   Alternative sources of finance promise the ‘democratisation’ of finance, but at what cost? What are theimplications of disintermediation?

    Research articles should be in the region of 6,000 – 8,000 words, including tables and references. It is essential that submitted manuscripts follow SAGE style guidelines and that bibliographies are both complete and in the specified format. Please check the submission guidelines on the journal’s home page before submitting your paper as any incorrectly formatted manuscripts will be returned to the authors:

    https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/international-journal-of-entrepreneurship-and- innovation/journal202559

    The Guest Editors can be contacted by email at: ciaran.macanbhaird@dcu.ie , r.owen@mdx.ac.uk or freel@telfer.uOttawa.ca

    Download the full call here.


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