Standing out While Fitting in: The Recognition of Creative Business Ideas, 22nd January 2019, Nottingham, UK


 This free breakfast event will delve into how creative ideas are evaluation and gain acceptance.

 Sir Colin Campbell Building, Triumph Road, Nottingham, NG7 2TU.

Have you ever shared what you thought was a brilliant idea and been underwhelmed by the response? Only to feel frustrated when later someone presents the same idea and gets the credit? My research into how creative ideas are evaluated and gain acceptance explores why some business ideas are destined to be recognised – and others are not. Sharing stories from my own fieldwork and research, I show how who and what we recognise as creative is influenced by our individual and collective beliefs about what is legitimate. I’ll share how the recognition of creativity is a ‘re-cognition’; as we ‘recall to mind’ whether an idea fits with our existing social norms as we evaluate it. Plus, I’ll share simple social strategies any business owner can use to help gain more acceptance for their ideas and overcome resistance – particularly for ideas which are novel or go against the status quo.

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