Women in the Wake of Conflict, Wednesday 12th May 2021 at 3PM CET


A collective discussion on the importance of gender equality to achieve peace, stability and economic reactivation in post-conflict states.

Please click here to join this free online event on Zoom. 

The Women in the Wake of Conflict webinar will explore key ideas across institutions and sectors in peacebuilding and enterprise. In examining the role of women in conflict resolution, security and economic development panellists and audience members will discuss how gender equality can strengthen peace-building and private sector investment in fragile states. Participants and attendees will be invited to discuss the particular challenges for women entrepreneurs in conflict situations and how they can be overcome. The panel will also brainstorm if there’s a special role for women in addressing COVID in conflict situations and fragile states?

For further information visit www.gdsi.ie or contact siobhan.mcguire@gdsi.ie



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